Friday, February 8, 2013

Moose in the back yard

Since I started working from home more or less full time I have thought lunch time was one of the definitive downsides... no more office cafeteria with nice hot soups and delicious "wienerbrød" (spandauer/danish) and hot meal on Fridays, no more humorous talks with colleagues, coffee machine, waffles... Well, today was the exception.

As a Norwegian working man I try to enjoy my boring slice of bread for lunch in the kitchen while listening to the radio and reading newspapers and other stuff ending up in the mail box throughout the week. Usually nothing exciting happens during the meal. Today, however, I noticed some movement in the corner of my eye, outside on the lawn behind our house. And there I saw one... no two... no three (!) moose stopping to have a chew on our apple trees (winter time, so no apples) before continuing on towards the next house...

Even though I have seen moose in the wild up-close several times before, I have never seen them in this neighborhood, a relatively densely populated area (yet pretty close to fields and forests). Wow, that was cool. Maybe it's not that bad to eat lunch at home after all?

More photos available here. There's even a short video:

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